Key features

vMix is a highly powerful encoder. Like Wirecast, vMix supports a wide range of inputs. These include video cameras  at up to 4K resolution. The vMix encoding software also supports webcams, audio and video files, DVDs, playlists, PowerPoint, and other sources.

live broadcasting software

vMix includes native support for multi-bitrate streaming. Additionally, this software supports NDI (Network Device Interface).  NDI sends video over gigabit ethernet networks and green screens. vMix also includes a built-in titling tool that includes animation support. Additionally, it offers an instant-replay/slow motion feature.



vMix is only available for Windows PCs.



vMix is available in six different versions, ranging from basic to pro. The Basic version is free; it supports only very simple streaming. At the other end of spectrum, the $1200 Pro version supports very complex studio setups. Each version supports a different number of inputs. The Basic and Basic HD versions of vMix only support four total inputs. Note that every camera, audio source, or other input count toward that limit.

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